Are You Aware of New Guidelines to Help Staff Succeed at Work?


Supporting your staff during what might be difficult times, is more important than ever

We all know how difficult it is to recruit and retain trained staff. With this in mind it's beneficial to your business to be aware of the guidelines that have been issued by HSE (Health and Safety Executive) in regard to disability and long term health conditions, including mental health conditions.

Many employers and managers express that they just don't know what to say to someone who might be suffering from a long-term health condition or mental health issues and not everybody is confident they're offering the right kind of support to their valuable staff members but a few short and inexpensive, online training courses could point you and your managers in the right direction. Making your workplace a friendly and supportive place is easier than you might think but of course, you need the tools to empower you to do that. 

There are no losers when it comes to gaining this sort of knowledge. The average worker in the UK takes almost 5 sick days per year. When this is extrapolated across the UK workforce, that's 149 million working days.

Recognising health or accessibility issues within your workforce could not only cut the number of days lost to sickness but will help retain and attract the right people to your business.

Some of our certified online training courses that will improve your understanding include...

Mental Health Awareness Training

Disability Awareness & Inclusion Training

Mental Health in Construction Training

Stress Awareness & Management Training

Our courses are available as bundles - contact us if you wish to take advantage of discounts for multiple courses for you and your co-workers or employees.

Are You Aware of New Guidelines to Help Staff Succeed at Work?

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