ATO Approved


We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the status of an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) for CITB.

ATO Approved

What is an ATO?

CITB award approved status to training organisations that provide training courses and qualifications to defined and industry-agreed standards and these training organisations are recognised by CITB and the construction industry for delivering good quality training.

Why do we want to be an ATO?

In partnership with CITB, we want to play our part in building stronger workforces in construction to create a more resilient construction industry.  This is in order to maintain health and safety standards on construction sites and to ensure the right skills are available for the industry to grow.

What can we offer?

As an Approved Training Organisation we can offer short online duration courses that are relevant to the construction industry.  Some of these courses are specific to the construction industry such as Abrasive Wheel Safety, Asbestos Awareness, Banskman Essentials, CDM Regulations, Ladder Safety,  Hand/Arm Vibration Awareness to name but a few.  We also have courses that are more generalised that every industry benefits from but have been tailored to the construction industry such as Fire Awareness in construction, Fire Warden in Construction and Mental health in construction.  In addition we can also offer a whole range of Business Compliance courses covering HR legislation for compliance with employment law and Management courses for the leaders in your organisation that are all relevant to running a safe and successful construction company.


CITB provides funding to help eligible employers in the construction industry train their workers.  As we are a trusted supplier for CITB, you can access funding for any of our courses.  It is really simple how it works.  Please see our CITB funding page for further details of how you can apply for funding and receive the training that your workforce so desperately needs.

Check us out

You can find us in the Construction Training Directory to check our credentials and you can find details of all our courses at

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