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Have you heard there is a new way for levy registered employers to get funding for training from CITB without any forms or claim process involved? It is called the Employers Network.

If you are a registered levy employer and are up to date with your levy payments CITB will organise relevant training with an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) on your behalf and remove the hassle of grant and funding paperwork from you.

As an Approved Training Organisation, we are committed to working in partnership with CITB to address skills shortages and to support employers of construction companies by offering short online training courses relevant to the construction industry. 

We have a huge range of online training courses that as an employer of a construction company you can tap into to skill up your workforce and receive funding from CITB to pay for it.

Here is how it works

Browse our website and make a note of the course/s you would like to purchase to upskill your workforce.

Contact your local Employer Network Manager with our details and the details of the course/s you would like funded. If you do not know who your Employer Network Manager is then just contact us and we can refer you.

Your Employer Network Manager will consider the request for funding and will advise you how much they can offer and will contact us direct to pay for the training if you would like to go ahead.  If the courses are part funded by CITB we will invoice you direct for the remaining amount and will be in contact to arrange your training.  

Following completion of the training, we will upload the training achievement into the CITB Construction Training Register.

Sound simple?  It really is, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.  We look forward to hearing from you.  

Please note that all employers who are funded under this initiative cannot claim any grant or other funding administered by CITB as this would be considered double funding (see CITB website for further details - 

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