GDA at CITB Skills and Training Conference 2024


As GDA Online Training have recently become an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) we were delighted to be invited to the CITB Skills and Training Conference 2024 that was held at Etihad Football Stadium in Manchester on 7th June 2024.

GDA at CITB Skills and Training Conference 2024

CITB is a government body that provides funding for training within the construction industry.  The funding is collected via levy taxes from construction employers which can then be claimed back to train employees.  This is to ensure that all construction companies have a competent and inclusive workforce, now and in the future.  
Currently training providers do deliver all aspects and spheres of training to the construction industry but application for funding is complex, time consuming and involves a lot of paperwork. 

CITB have recognised the need to overhaul the funding and training provider system and the aim of the conference was to set out to training providers the future vision of CITB’s Training Provider Network and to gather input from training providers for their opinion and recommendations.  

CITB’s future vision is to create a single network of assured training providers that has the scale and scope to deliver the national and local training demand for construction companies and a network that is rooted in collaboration and partnership.  Such a network will be valued and trusted by employers allowing them to confidently source high quality training that meets their needs knowing that the ATO’s are approved and recommended by CITB.  As CITB approved training providers, the network will be promoted as the primary route for training to all CITB registered employers and via this Training Provider Network access to apply for funding will be simplified.  

As an ATO we are a member of the trusted network.  Garry Douglas, Managing Director of GDA Online Training, says, “It is an absolute privilege to be a part of the trusted network and we are committed to delivering high quality, relevant and engaging video based short online training courses to assist in addressing skills shortages and upskilling the construction workforce.”

CITB aim to have their vision completed by 2026 but the process has already started and the first phase has actually already been implemented.  Over the last two years a pilot scheme of the Employers Network has been running whereby Engagement Advisors have been employed in local areas to help construction companies get all the funding they are eligible for and they support employers to take on apprentices, upskill their staff and help their businesses grow.  Due to the success of the pilot scheme this scheme has now been rolled out nationally and there are Engagement Advisors strategically placed all over the country.  These Engagement Advisors explain the simplicity of obtaining funding and will work directly with the ATO and Employer to fund and organise the training.

As far as the online training we provide the process is really simple.  If you see any courses advertised on our website that you require to upskill your workforce all you have to do is contact your local Engagement Advisor and advise them of the training you would like to undertake with us.  Your Engagement Advisor will talk you through the process from there.  The only stipulation on the part of the construction company is that you are a registered levy employer and are up to date with your levy payments.

If you are not sure who your local Engagement Advisor is you can check here or feel free to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Overall the CITB Skills & Training Conference was very informative.  Nina Douglas, Finance and GDA Online Training Director says, “We left the conference feeling very positive about the future of the Training Provider Network and the successful implementation so far of Engagement Advisors to simplifying the whole funding process.  We are very excited to be on board and we really look forward to our future of supplying short online courses to the construction industry.”
Garry says, “Yes I agree, the only downside to the conference, being a Leeds United supporter,  I was bit put out to find the venue was Etihad, the football stadium of Manchester City,” he laughs, “but I was actually very impressed, a far cry from Elland Road Football stadium.  Unfortunately we had to dash for our train back to Nottingham so I didn’t get to go on the free tour of the stadium after the conference.”  

It was a long day but well worth the effort and we were very glad that the conference was able to go ahead.  As CITB are a government body, due to an election being called, the conference very nearly got cancelled!  

As part of their future vision and commitment to training providers CITB are looking to facilitate CPD events, provide access to training resources and share best practice and innovation in training delivery, so we will be looking out for those events to attend in the future.

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