Managing Health and Safety as your Business Grows


Depending on the size of your business, you will face challenges as it grows - our online health and safety courses are here to help you.

If you are a new employer or just starting out in business, it can seem daunting but above all, you have to keep yourself and your employees safe.

Controlling workplace risk is the cornerstone of your health and safety policy - if you understand the risks you can learn how to minimise them.

By having a health and safety policy in place, you are helping to protect your business, yourself and your employees. Making staff aware of the policy is crucial as it means your workers can 'look out' for one another. When your business grows to five or more employees, this policy must be written down and shared with your employees.

At this point you and your employees (including contractors and self-employed) should understand how to work safely and be supervised adequately where necessary. The Health and Safety Executive has guidance for health and safety basics and to help you put your policy and training in place we have some great online health and safety training courses that are convenient and effective - examples include...

Our whole range of CPD Accredited online health and safety courses can be found here...

Managing Health and Safety as your Business Grows

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