Three reasons why online staff training should be your business’s number one focus


Finding and keeping quality staff is a challenge many businesses are struggling to meet today: in fact, a new report by LinkedIn Learning suggests that a staggering 90% of organisations have concerns about employee retention - and that learning and development has a critical part to play in improving it.

Three reasons why online staff training should be your business’s number one focus

Garry Douglas, Managing Director at GDA Online Training, is here to offer his expert insight on why investing in online staff training is the number one thing you can do to attract and retain quality staff.

1. Training your staff actually lowers overall costs!

Many businesses are taking a fiscally cautious approach to everything due to the inflation and the ongoing economic uncertainty the country is experiencing. They may therefore feel wary about investing in training for their employees: but neglecting this area is a mistake that could have higher costs in the long term. Not only does relevant, high-quality training improve staff efficiency at work, minimising errors, but it also enormously boosts staff retention. The cost of training can seem like a negative, but what often is not initially considered is the enormous value training can add to a business in many different ways.

More traditional, classroom-based courses also involve costs related to sourcing instructors, a venue and a significant chunk of time for your staff to be absent from their usual workplaces, but the growing trend toward eLearning is ensuring that businesses can leave those drawbacks behind: your staff can now learn at a pace and time which suits them without leaving their desk.

2. Employee morale is significantly boosted by staff training and development

Offering relevant, high-quality and easy to access training opportunities to your staff makes a huge difference to both morale and retention, as studies have shown time and again. Employee engagement is a key element of retention, but it’s one that many companies are currently getting wrong: Gallup recently reported that 57% of employees say they are not engaged at work.

The data suggests that a whopping 94% of workers said development opportunities would keep them in a role, and it’s estimated that those who are offered them stay for twice as long as result of their uplifted morale. With online learning now granting easy and flexible access to accredited courses, it’s never been easier or wiser to invest in online staff training and development opportunities.

Three reasons why online staff training should be your business’s number one focus

3. Upskilling through online staff training creates employees who grow with your business

Despite the clear picture emerging which suggests that having good employees stay and grow along with your business reaps the most significant benefits, only 1 in 5 people felt they were confident in their ability to make an internal move at their current workplace.

What’s more, offering development opportunities to your employees actually increases their sense of engagement with their role, as well as building up their sense of loyalty to the company. 7 in 10 people stated that being given opportunities to learn at work increases their sense of connection to the organisation itself: that’s a lot of loyalty waiting to be built! Online staff training is an ideal way to do this: it is lower cost than traditional training, can be tailored to each and every individual staff member AND they don’t even need to leave their desks!


Ultimately, many of the reasons people commonly cite for leaving their jobs - such as feeling bored at work, not feeling valued or not believing there are any opportunities for growth - can be linked to a lack of relevant and meaningful training and development. There is so much evidence out there which shows clearly how significantly staff training and development can reap benefits for your business.

Get in touch with GDA Online Training today for advice on the perfect training you can offer your staff to help your business grow!

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